Ring of Elysium Combines Winter Sports with Battle Royale

With big players like PUBG and Fortnite already established, and more heavy hitters such as Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout on the way, you better bring something unique to the table if you want to jump into the battle royale ring. We’ve seen this attempted before with the announcement of games like King Tide. Today, we have another. Ring of Elysium is a battle royale game that has players utilizing extreme winter sports to venture through the map.

In today’s trailer, we see players hang-gliding, snowboarding, driving ATVs, using chair lifts and more. The developers at Tencent Games say that you’ll be able to drive cars, boats, and other modes of transportation too.

They’re also saying that this isn’t your typical last man standing battle royale either. In Ring of Elysium the end goal is to reach the map’s rescue helicopter that only has 4 seats for survivors. The devs throw some shade at PUBG Corp. by stating that “camping in a bathtub is not recommended for survival here.”

The map in Ring of Elysium is also out to get you. The game sports dynamic weather changes that changes portions of the map. Storms within the game can trigger avalanches too which destroy everything in their path – including you. And you’ll have to battle the cold at times which can induce hypothermia on your player.

The developers are also touting an intuitive cover system and unique weaponry. You can equip up to 3 weapons of different types at a time. Accessories auto-equip if they’re eligible, and every gun will have the ability to sport a double-scope if the proper scope is in your inventory.

If all the above sounds exciting, I’ve got more good news for you. Tencent announced that Ring of Elysium will be hitting Steam Early Access as a free to play title next week on September 19th.

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