5 Ways to Achieve PRO Gamer Status


The Gaming industry is taking over the lives of people all over the world. According to the statistical portal Newzoo, 2.3 billion gamers across the globe will spend $137.9 billion on games in 2018. By 2020 market revenues can reach $180 billion. Simply playing games is not enough anymore. Gamers spend their money on improving characters, buying gaming items in order to get significant achievements. This is when eSport gains its popularity.

eSports market is expected to grow up to $1 billion this year. LoL, Dota, Hearthstone Championships reward players with millions of dollars. The latest championship on Dota 2 – The International 2018 – has gathered 16 teams fighting to win $25,5 million prize fund and over 5,4 million viewers worldwide. It takes time and a lot of effort to become a cyber sportsman. However, there are several steps that will help a beginner player to reach a PRO level.

Grant as the ticket to the big ride

The first new opportunity that has appeared in recent years is eSport grant programs that some universities start providing for their students (some of them are sponsored by developers). This option is beneficial as you learn the chosen program and at the same time keep polishing your skills in gaming. But the problem is that it’s hard to find information about eSport scholarships because these departments are new or the announcement can be placed on the Twitter page of the university but there will be no additional information exploring the subject on the main site. Good news is that NAC eSport site can help you out in this quest, so use it.

These schools will give you tuition money for playing eSport on their side. There are three major types of scholarships:

  • Partial scholarship (university will pay for your tuition from 5 to 75%);
  • Full tuition scholarship (university will pay for all 4 years tuition but not for additional expenses);
  • Full ride scholarship (include Full tuition + additional expenses associated with the college (textbooks, pencils, and sometimes even food and rent);

The application process for the eSport scholarship can be done before or after you will be accepted. Also, you need to provide videos of your gameplay both to stand out from the other good players and to show how you are good at the communication.

In case if a player didn’t get the scholarship or only received a partial one, there are ways to earn on further development. For example, platforms like IQeon allow gamers monetizing their achievements in games, make bets on the outcome of battles and spend received money on their professional development. Coins earned in the platform can be used in other games within the network or withdrawn from a personal account.

Be PRO before the game will become the discipline

Another way to be a PRO gamer is to achieve this status before a game will become a new discipline. It requires your skills to foresight things as you will need to predict it. Most of the time it’s expectable. For example, when DOTA 2 was released, everyone went very fast from the first DOTA to the new one. Also, there are famous developers in the game industry like Blizzard who’s each new multiplayer game with 100% guarantee will gain public attention and in a short period of time can become the new discipline. Subscribe to their updates and watch closely on announcements of the alpha/ beta tests of their upcoming products to be in the first row.

Also, there is a possibility, that today’s eSport contests someday will migrate to VR. We already have some VR leagues. So you better to check the pulse of that trend regularly and be ready to jump in that train.

Crossroads with cyber sportsmen

To get the most of your skills you need to play against the best. On platforms like Steam, Faceit, ESEA, etc. you have the opportunity to play with your favorite cyber sportsmen and be seen in the action by them. If you impress them, like Zvanillan, you can be invited to the team.

You can also contact them directly by sending them videos of your outstanding gameplay and offer to become a team member. But teams receive many messages like that every day. A chance to get the invitation is really small (most of this messages are remain not read) but it’s worth a try. You’d better watch closely on their news updates (on the main site, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) covering information when the team will start the search for additional team members or what online tournament they will be watching/playing on the current date (on what platform, sever, twitch channel, etc.).

Let’s not forget that you can “accidentally” crossroads with a team or one of the team members at some music festival or at the cafe near their training base. If that will happen – first of all enjoy the friendship. And when you will have the opportunity, show them the best of your gameplay videos/ play together.

Start your own tournament

Yes, you can do it! And we are not talking about the possibility to organize the whole event in some big venue from scratch. You can organize your own online tournaments where every participant will pay an entry fee to get into an event and score a spot in the pools. If someone is good enough to get to the final he will get the revenue. But this can be hard to keep everything under control (like payouts, collisions, etc.) also because all agreements between participants most of the time are just verbal and fraudulent activity can take action even in the eSports space.

To make this process more efficient you can use eSport organizing service Battlefy, which is highly rated by gamers community and different companies (but keep in mind that your data can be leaked). IQeon platform also has a built-in functionality where all users can organize their tournament with friends, set the rules and a participation fee. It also allows to make bets on the results of competitions and battles. You can also use services like WorldGaming or GameSync, but they not much concentrated on the organizing element.

Stream your skill set worldwide

Finally, today there are many different streaming platforms like Twitch, YouTube, etc. They provide gamers with the ability to watch plays of their favorite teams or players and to stream their own game experience worldwide. If your gaming skill set is really good, this can also lead to gaining the attention of some PRO teams or sponsors.

Last ones are always looking for someone with a lot of subscribers to gain exposure of their brand. But streaming can be the source of a solid revenue itself (with use of direct donates or Patreon campaigns). Many cyber sportsmen go that way after they end their eSport career, for example like Rumay “Hafu” Wang. So if you’ll choose the streaming way you will need to be really good at gaming, stream regularly and build a strong fan base. If you succeed, you will get a lot of attention and possibility to raise huge revenue from it like this guy after 3 months of streaming.

It’s all up to you! Work hard, play cool and maybe you’ll be the one responsible for the result of the final competition on the next International.

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