Days Gone Trailer at TGS Shows Zombie Hordes a Plenty

With Days Gone releasing in early 2019, there aren’t many more gaming events in which to showcase Sony Bend’s upcoming zombie based title. So Sony took it upon themselves to put together a new Days Gone trailer to celebrate the title’s final Tokyo Game Show appearance.

A lot of what we’re seeing in the Tokyo Game Show footage are things that we’ve seen in the past. We see the Rest in Peace cult dancing around a bonfire. A horrific looking female zombie, Deacon within a settlement and so on.

We see more of the intense, zombified wildlife – a lot of which we’ve seen before as well. There are packs of undead wolves, bears that look still unchanged, and bears that look very much changed. And the crows that can seemingly murder you at will loom overhead once again too.

We then get a few action set pieces within today’s Days Gone trailer that portrays actual gameplay. Deacon mows down a horde of zombies as the trailer cuts between several different scenes. One of which has a few fully engulfed undead running right for him.

A focal point in a few of the Days Gone trailer shots showcases the insane amount of zombies that can populate the screen at once. There’s a portion where Deacon is running through the woods that looks to have dozens of them coming for him. Another where Deacon looks to narrowly escape dozens more by jumping on his bike a riding quickly away with a friend.

Finally, the trailer closes out with the money that we saw within Days Gone’s initial reveal. Deacon is on a farm and stands atop a granary silo seeking refuge. He doesn’t find it. There looks to be about 50 plus zombies coming for him at one time. Some from below, some from above, but they’re everywhere.

Hopefully we get to see a fresh Days Gone trailer as we near closer to the game’s February 22nd release date. The Game Awards in December could be the perfect spot.

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