Fallout 76 Beta Dates Announced

Back in July, Bethesda Softworks announced that their Fallout 76 beta would be rolling out to the public sometime in October. As we approach said month, the developers have confirmed today exactly when the Fallout 76 beta dates will run.

Bethesda’s humorously describes their beta with the acronym B.E.T.A., which stands for Break-It Early Test Application. They state that their goal with the beta “is to stress test and break the game.” Because of this, the developers warn that servers will not be up and running at all times.

They explain that “instead, they’ll be online during targeted timeframes so we can get as many people as possible playing at the same time. Why? Because that’s the best way to put all our systems to the test and see how they respond.”

During the Fallout 76 beta dates, Bethesda says that “On any given day the game might be up for anywhere between four to eight hours.” Their plan is to funnel players into the game during these time frames so they can find the areas within the game that need work. They’ll then “fix what we need to fix and do it again and again from the start of B.E.T.A. until a few days before launch.”

It’s now been confirmed that the Fallout 76 beta dates will begin on Xbox One prior to PC and PlayStation 4. Players can experience the beta beginning on Tuesday, October 23rd on Xbox One. It begins a week later for PlayStation 4 and PC on Tuesday, October 30th.

To commemorate the announcement of the Fallout 76 beta dates, Bethesda released the opening cinematic to the game. You can catch that video above.

It should also be noted that despite Sony announcing cross-platform play for Fortnite, Fallout 76 will not be featuring said ability. Bethesda’s Pete Hines announced on Twitter that it’s “not on our radar right now”:

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