Hitman Halloween Pack Coming Today

Even though Hitman 2 is hitting stores in less than a month, IO Interactive is still supporting its 2016 predecessor, Hitman. The studio must be feeling festive, as today they’ve announced the Hitman Halloween Pack as free DLC for the original game.

The Hitman Halloween Pack will feature 10 Featured Contracts that IO playfully says “are spooky, creepy or otherwise frightening.” The studio adds that some of the contracts focus on Halloween inspired disguises, while others revolve around spooky stories. Some, they say, are just plain mayhem.

The Hitman Halloween Pack will take place within the game’s Colorado map. IO notes that the themed content will offer full access to everything the map has to offer. The developer does warn that the event will only run for a limited time though. And they’ve neglected to confirm when that end date will be.

The plan is to get the Hitman Halloween Pack out onto PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC later today. There was server maintenance earlier this morning in anticipation of the upcoming DLC. IO says that they hope to have the new content available by 12:00 p.m. Eastern today.

IO’s Hitman Halloween Pack is likely the last hurrah for their acclaimed assassination game. Hitman 2 is look like it may be quite the tour de force when it drops on November 13th. The game will feature a new mode that the developers are calling World of Assassination. It’s described as an “ever-expanding game world” that will “offer a continuous experience that will never stop growing and never stop challenging players.”

There’s also a new multiplayer mode in Hitman 2 that IO has dubbed Ghost Mode. In it, two players will compete on the same map at the same time and attempt to take down the same target. You’re in different universes though. Meaning, you can see each other live during matches, but you’ll appear as a ghost version of Agent 47 and can’t influence one another’s game worlds.

Also confirmed to be returning to the game is the popular Elusive Target missions. The first one was just announced the other day and features Sean Bean as another assassin that Agent 47 is attempting to take down.

All in all, the game looks to be shaping up splendidly. It’ll be exciting to see if IO can top what they did with Hitman when its sequel releases in just a few weeks.

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