Battlefield 5 Maps Trailer Details our 8 Upcoming Warzones

EA and DICE have released a fresh Battlefield 5 maps trailer today. The footage details the 8 locales we’ll be fighting in at launch, as well as one coming shortly thereafter as free DLC.

In the Battlefield 5 maps trailer we first venture into the Hamada map situated in the desert of North Africa. DICE states that Hamada is the largest of the maps that comes with the game at launch. It’s inspired by some of the largest tanks battles in history, and features a variety of steep canyons and narrow bridges.

Also located in North Africa is the Aerodome arena. The Battlefield 5 maps trailer depicts a destroyed Axis airfield following its bombing by Allied forces. There’s a central hanger as a focal point, in which vehicles and infantry will duke it out to control the strategic position.

We then head to France to explore the Twisted Steel map. The developers describe the map’s vast bridge as “the biggest structure ever created for a Battlefield game.” The narrow bridge evokes constant battles amongst infantry as opposing forces seek to control the high points. And the flooded marshlands below are a playing field for the patrolling tanks. Planes are constantly circling above too, proving to provide constant chaos on the battlefield.

The Arras map is also situated in France. Here, tanks roam the fields while infantry look for cover in the extended trench lines. Scattered woods allow for sneaking and melee kills. And a small town’s center will be the map’s most contested area. An included high church provides sightlines perfect for snipers. But before the tanks that can quickly eliminate that threat.

The Battlefield 5 map trailer then takes us to Holland to explore the Rotterdam map. It’s described as hosting full scale urban combat in which battles take place throughout the train tracks and streets. And plenty of buildings present a haven for would be snipers.

Rotterdam’s ugly sibling is the Devastation map. The locale is essentially the ruins of Rotterdam following the war rearing its ugly head. Because of the destruction, Devastation becomes a tight, infantry focused arena. While tanks patrolling the rubbled streets still provide a heavy threat.

We go north to explore the Narvik map in Norway. The location is inspired by the invasion of Narvik in 1940. Players will fight for control of the harbor town, with close quarter battles taking place throughout the map’s residential buildings. More opened shooting is available throughout the Narvik’s industrial areas.


Set in Norway’s Arctic Circle is the Fjell 652 map. Here, infantry and planes clash against each other atop a dangerous mountain peak. There are AA guns and cabins to give you advantages and cover from the planes circling above. But players must always be wary of the weather, as the map’s extreme dynamic weather could kick in at any moment.

Before the Battlefield 5 map trailer wrapped up, EA and DICE gave us a sneak peak at the upcoming Panzerstorm DLC map. Set in the Belgium country side, the arena is inspired by the first major tank battle of World War 2. Infantry players will have to pick their spots to take down patrolling enemy tanks as allied and axis powers level this once beautiful country side into a war torn wasteland.

We don’t have much longer to wait before we experience these warzones for ourselves. Battlefield 5 launches on November 20th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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