Aion 2 and Blade Soul 2 Announced, Multiple Trailers

Ahead of G-Star 2018, the Korean based developers at NCSoft held their annual NC Media Day. It turns out we got a few big reveals from the event, including confirmation announcements for Aion 2 and Blade Soul 2.

While announcing Aion 2 and Blade Soul 2, NCSoft dropped two different trailers for the former. The first is the Official Game Trailer (above) which shows the majority of the title’s character types battling it out across different terrains. The developers stress these aren’t classes though. In Aion 2 there won’t be “class segmentation”. Instead, you wield the weapons and playstyle of your choosing amidst “a new battle system that did not exist in the old Aion.”

The second Aion 2 trailer was the World View Trailer (below). In this shorter footage, NCSoft teases the locales that we’ll be adventuring within throughout the sequel. In starts within the depths of a forest, but the camera continually pulls back before the trailer concludes after exploring numerous other settings.

As far as other details on the game go, NCSoft says the sequel takes place roughly 900 years before the events of Aion: The Tower of Eternity. There’s a new dimensional crack you’ll notice in-game. NCSoft states this allows for large-scale PVP battles across multiple servers. And factions no longer exist, instead allowing for more player choice.

Just like Aion 2, NCSoft dropped a pair of trailers showcasing Blade Soul 2. The first is just below and is entitled the game’s Time Walker Cinematic Trailer. The other is at the bottom of this page and is dubbed the title’s Official Trailer.


NCSoft is promising high end graphics this go around, along with smarter monsters and smarter NPCs that are part of a living ecosystem. The game itself takes place in the future, and the characters from the initial Blade Soul have become the myth and legend. The sequel will tout new characters, and previously unseen locations as the world map expands. They also say the game will incorporate a “free community” so that players aren’t permanently tied to systematic factions.

It’s a big day for MMO fans with both the Aion 2 and Blade Soul 2 announcements. Hopefully we’ll get more details from NCSoft on the two games when G-Star 2018 kicks off next weekend.

Source MMO Culture
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