No Man’s Sky Visions Update Goes Live Tomorrow

When Hello Games dropped their Next update for No Man’s Sky back in July, it radically changed the game in numerous ways. They later continued adding more with The Abyss update for the title. Fans were universally excitement for how vastly improved the game had become following these content drops. But the team at Hello Games aren’t done yet, as they’ve announced that tomorrow will bring their next free DLC patch, the No Man’s Sky Visions update.

Considered version 1.75 of the game, the No Man’s Sky Visions update brings in a ton of new features. Hello Games says “the variety and diversity of planet surfaces with millions of previously dead planets now bursting with life.” And there are now mysterious artifacts strewn throughout various planets too that players can collect and display as trophies within their base.

New creatures have been added in the No Man’s Sky Visions update. Specifically mentioned are fauna that are both predator and carnivorous – so watch your back as your investigating the new plant life out there.

There’s been a Global Community Mission implemented that sees the title’s fanbase working together on a common goal. Doing so will earn you the Eye of Korvax helmet, as well as new emotes and building parts to use.

The skies are also getting more characteristics with rainbows and in-game weather being implemented. You can also take on archeology in the No Man’s Sky Visions update, as dig sites now exist in which you can uncover bones of ancient lifeforms from the past. You can also dig up fallen satellites and salvage them for parts. But the developers warn that corrupted sentinel drones are a new threat that you’ll have to be ready for.

At the end of the No Man’s Sky Visions update trailer above, the narrator confirms that Hello Games has more additions coming to the game down the line. For all of those that have stuck with the title, or if you’re just jumping in, the game is turning into one hell of a ride.

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