Below Release Date Confirmed for Next Week

E3 2013 was a special year. It brought us announcements and new details on the still unreleased Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Nintendo also showed up with Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8, and Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. But unlike those prior entities, another game made its debut at the show and has yet to officially grace up with its presence. But it’s time has come, as the developers at Capybara Games have finally given us a Below release date.

Described as a “roguelike-like”, Below is designed to be “brutal but fair” with its combat. The game features a high level of difficultly, with permanent death constantly looming over players.

From a top-down perspective, you control “tiny warrior exploring the depths of a remote island”. Below utilizes randomly generated environments to keep things fresh. And with a primary element of the game revolving around exploration, it will always feel like there’s something new waiting for you just around the corner. That, or death.

Capybara Games knew that they didn’t want to rush their promising title out prematurely. Thus, in mid 2016, the studio announced that the Below release date would be delayed indefinitely in order to polish the title as opposed to rushing it out.

Capy dropped the above trailer for us out of the blue yesterday. Within it, the team declared that they’re ready to show the world what they’ve come up with. The trailer reveals that the Below release date has been officailly set for next Friday, December 14th.

Below was originally set to be published by Microsfot Studios. Capybara Games decided shortly after the E3 2013 annoouncement that they would instead self-publish. Below will still be a timed exclusive on Xbox One and PC. But a version will likely come to other platforms at a later, unannnounced date.

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