Overwatch Winter Wonderland Trailer Confirms Returning Events

Last week Blizzard confirmed via Twitter that their annual Winter Wonderland event would be returning on December 11th. I don’t know if you’ve glanced at a calendar yet, but that day is today. To commemorate the event kicking off, the studio dropped a new Overwatch Winter Wonderland trailer which showcases exactly what’s headed our way to celebrate the holiday season.

Just as we predicted last week, Blizzard is rolling out Yeti Hunter and Mei’s Snowball Offensive as the two winter brawls once again this year. These are the same brawls that appeared for Winter Wonderland 2017. But Blizzard warned us a few months back that we shouldn’t be expecting new modes within the seasonal events for some time. Director Jeff Kaplan stated that for the time being, the team is “focusing less on adding new versions of sporting events and focusing on these other things.” We’ll have to wait and see how much longer that remains the case.

The developers did confirm that Blizzard World would be getting a fresh look. The map is decked out for the holidays with snow fall, twinkling nighttime lights and confectionary-inspired decorations.

Blizzard teased that there will be plenty of new Winter Loot Boxes introduced. Scouring through the Overwatch Winter Wonderland trailer it looks as though we can confirm 9 new skins, 1 new highlight intro and 2 new emotes. Blizzard also promises the Winter Wonderland Loot Boxes will contain additional player icons, sprays, voice lines and more.

During Winter Wonderland 2018, you’ll also be able to purchase many of the 2017 Winter Wonderland items you may have missed out on. But as mentioned within the Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2018 trailer, the event runs from December 11th through January 2nd. So you’ll only have about 3 weeks to bring all of these digital gifts home for the holidays.

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