Battlerite Royale Yuletide Event Launches

You can’t really consider yourself a big time live service game if you don’t take the time to celebrate the holidays. Well, Stunlock Studios is certainly big time now, and the team confirmed as much by announcing details and a trailer for their Battlerite Royale Yuletide Event.

Alongside the Battlerite Royale Yuletide Event comes the game’s meaty winter patch. In it comes three new characters in Shen Rao, Poloma and Lucie. Here’s the bio’s for all three:

“Shen Rao was once The Dragon of Storms, revered as a deity for his majesty and power. In his arrogance, he defied the dark powers of the Void but he was defeated and sealed within a human body, reduced to a fraction of his former strength. In battle he utilizes remnants of his dormant powers, raining down lightning and engulfing his enemies in violent thunderstorms.”

“Lucie is a highly skilled Alchemist. A rebel at school who got expelled from the Toleen Academy for mixing banned potions. She is a diverse contender who knows which brew makes you choke, heal or flee in fear. The arena has become her new playground for wild experiments. Seeing her smile while mixing ingredients of an unknown nature might make her look more crazy than cute.”

“A psychopomp from the deep forests of Silverridge, Poloma uses shamanic powers to guide life and spirits alongside her protector and loyal creature, Toki. A dark disturbance among souls has put Poloma on a new path, leaving her safety and home behind. Driven by her burning curiosity and extraordinary senses, Poloma now seeks her answers in the arena.”

Battlerite Royale Yuletide Event - Shen Rao Battlerite Royale Yuletide Event - Poloma and Lucie

The Battlerite Royale Yuletide Event will also bring with it winter goblins in the map that you can defeat to earn event-exclusive consumables. These include snowball fights, the ability to transform into a “hungry hungry snowman”, and the ability to charge into battle with the Raging Moose Mask. You’ll also fight winter feasts on the map in the form of a turkey dinner platter.

There’s a trio of new winter outfits coming our way within the Battlerite Royale Yuletide Event too. They include the Winter’s Greed Ruh Kaan skin, the Frost Father Bakko and Lightbringer Alysia.

Stunlock Studios confirmed that their Battlerite Royale Yuletide Event is live now. It concludes on January 30th.

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