El Hijo Combines Stealth Mechanics with the Wild West

Coming to us from HandyGames and the team at Honig Studios is the delightfully simple stealth title, El Hijo. It’s described as a spaghetti-western, non-violent stealth game that puts you in the role of six-year old boy sneaking his way through the Wild West in search of his mother.

In the above El Hijo trailer, you see the titular character wielding his slingshot and contemplating attacking the men responsible for burning their farm to the ground. He refrains, and as his mother hands the young child off, she first forces him to bury the slingshot along with toy she made for him. Thus, the child must use stealth to advance through the game as opposed to David vs. Goliath approach.

Here’s the official breakdown of the game courtesy of the publisher:

“The game is set in a mythical place of the 19th century that very much resembles the American west, as we know it from Sergio Leone‘s westerns, taking some of its most popular characteristics of outlaw gangs, saloons, cunning, sarcasm, and irony. There is no indication of a specific time, or place. It could be everywhere and anywhere. A shabby old cowboy on a horse leaves her six-year-old son ‘El Hijo’ in front of a monastery in the middle of the desert, with the intention that the monks would bring him up and give him an education. However, the child’s one and only goal is, to get back outside and dig out the toy his mother made him bury before entering the monastery.”

El Hijo will eventually make it outside of said monetary and then adventure through more hazardous terrain. He’ll progress to encounter a “harsh and unforgiving stretch of desert” as well as “a frontier town rife with crime and villainy.”

As far as mechanics go, Honig Studios wanted to keep things simple. They state that “Shadowplay is in the core of the game and El Hijo will often have to hide. Without needlessly adding new mechanics, the gameplay is extended naturally, as variations of existing mechanics are gradually introduced and then combined with each other to increase the challenge.”

HandyGames and Honig Studios are hoping to have El Hijo launch sometime next year. They plan to release on PC, Mac and consoles.

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