PlanetSide Arena Announced, Release Date Set for January

Daybreak Games is nothing if not ambitious. The developer and publisher announced a new game today in PlanetSide Arena, a “massive-scale multiplayer sci-fi shooter” that will release next month.

Daybreak will rollout a seasonal approach with PlanetSide Arena. Gameplay will revolve around a deep class system in which you can take on the roles of Assault, Engineer, and Medic. These are dubbed the “initial classes”, hinting that more are to come down the line. During matches, each of the classes will jump into action with a jetpack, a personal vehicle, and specific abilities designed for their specializations.

As far as matches go, the developers are promising a wide variety of ways to play. And more modes will be coming our way as the game continues to develop. Specifically mentioned in today’s trailer are Battle Royale, Massive Clash, Capture the Flag, Team Death Match, Kill Count, Doubles, Search and Destroy, and Global Conquest.

Only three of these will be available at launch though – two if you want to nit-pick. Massive Clash is one, featuring two teams of 250 v. 250 going at it. And the other two are both Battle Royale modes, one being Solo and the other being team based.

You can preorder PlanetSide Arena as of today on Steam. The Sanctuary Assault Edition costs $19.99 and comes with the Season 1 Battle Pass and the Assault Armor set. The Legendary Edition runs at $39.99 and includes the above, as well as Engineer and Medic Armor sets. Daybreak also throws in an M-20 Tempest (hoverbike) pack if you splurge for the Legendary set.

PlanetSide Arena launches on January 29th for PC. With ambitions as high as they are, let’s keep our fingers crossed that Daybreak nails the launch and wows us with their effort. If they can get a solid player base early, fans should stick around as new content continues to roll in.

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