Hyper Jam is a Perk Fueled ’80s Inspired Arena Brawler

The small Melbourne based indie studio, Bit Dragon, is finally ready for the big time. After a few years in development, the team is ready to roll out Hyper Jam to the world. The title is the team’s “neon-soaked arena brawler” that sees up to four players battling it out both online and off.

From the second you see Hyper Jam, you immediately recognize the game’s ’80s inspired themes. The soundtracks drips of synthwave from creators such as Carpenter Brut and Dance with the Dead.

Each of Hyper Jam’s arenas are riddled with neon colors to further cement the setting. Whether it’s a Neo-Tokyo subway or a Miami based hotel, the neon tones are everywhere. But the game isn’t all about aesthetics, there’s some real depth to the arena brawler’s mechanics too.

Bit Dragon promises a suite of unique weapons ranging from close encounter katanas to ranged rocket launchers. Players will upgrade themselves between rounds with a slew of game-changing perks. Many of these are on display within the above trailer, and each have a radical affect on how any given round will play out.

Here is how Bit Dragon explains the unique perk system they’ve crafted for Hyper Jam:

“A scoreboard at the end of each round determines the order of the perk draft – whoever is coming last gets the first pick of perks and the winner takes whatever’s left. While everyone begins at a level playing field, fighters will enhance their skills the longer matches draw on, stacking and combining powers to create wholly distinct builds. For example, a player with the Pyrogenesis and Vampirism perks can set others ablaze and recover health from the burn wounds.”

Hyper Jam will release on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on February 12th for $14.99. Bit Dragon is touting cross-platform play within the game. But they state that “the PC community [can] throw down with challengers playing on consoles in online free-for-all death-match games.” So it sounds like Xbox One v. PlayStation 4 will be omitted from the cross-platform play scenario.

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