Resident Evil 2 Demo Arrives Later This Week

Here at Nerd Much?, we’re big horror fans. So it should come as no surprise that we’re pretty stoked to get our hands on Capcom’s upcoming Resident Evil 2 remake. That won’t happen until the end of the month though. Fortunately for us, Capcom is dropping a Resident Evil 2 demo for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to help tide us over until the full game’s release.

The publisher is calling their Resident Evil 2 demo “1-Shot”. It’s a timed demo that allows you to experience the early portion of the game for 30 minutes before the demo cuts itself off. If you die, you can restart and continue on – but the timer keeps ticking. If you make it to the demo’s end point, you can restart as well and try again. But you get 30 minutes – period.

In an effort to help fans maximize their time with the Resident Evil 2 demo, the good folks at the PlayStation blog detailed some tips to utilize while playing the game which should help to extend your productivity. As any non-novice knows, they encourage you to “gather up First Aid Sprays, Green Herbs, and ammunition, and make careful use of the storage box.”

Using your map can help in many ways, one of which is to inform you if you’ve missed hidden items. If your map still has the room highlighted in red, there’s something you’re missing.

The blog also offers tips on the fight or flight mechanics in the game. Wooden boards you’ll find lying around can be used to secure windows before zombies come piling in. And they encourage you to just straight up run for your life if a situation becomes too dire.

The Resident Evil 2 demo timer will pause anytime you’re scrolling through the game’s menus. Capcom invites you to take a close look at the items you’ve acquired during your exploration of the Raccoon City Police Department. You’ll need to be familiar with your inventory in order to complete various puzzles and encounter as much as possible within your 30 minute single play through.

The Resident Evil 2 demo will make its debut on Friday, January 11th. Should it sink its teeth into you, you’re actually in luck as the full game isn’t far off. It releases on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 25th.

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