Twin Stick Roguelike Beacon Arrives for Early Access Later This Month

The indie team at Monothetic have revealed their next title which will be heading our way later this month. It’s a sci-fi twin stick roguelike, with the developer noting that they’re aiming to “create a bridge between fast, frenetic action and long-term strategy, where your actions can be felt and built upon hours down the line.”

From the little bit of footage we get in this first Beacon trailer, it’s clear that fast and frenetic are appropriate adjectives. As you take down your alien foes, you’ll collect their DNA which you can later use as currency of sorts to upgrade your character’s abilities.


As you adventure across the planet of Kovus 18, the narrative will be told via notes and items that were left behind by previous iterations of your clones. But before you discover them, you’ll have to navigate enemies, traps and natural hazards strewn across the game’s six procedurally generated levels. Here’s the synopsis straight from the development team:

“Beacon follows the journey of space privateer, Freja Akiyama, on her endless search for her crashed ship’s emergency distress beacon. In your search you’ll not only find weapons and items to help you; you’ll also be collecting DNA from the enemies you defeat. When you inevitably die, you’re given the opportunity to integrate the DNA you’ve collected into your genome, allowing you to alter your statistics and gain gameplay-altering physical mutations for your next clone’s life.

In the search for the Beacon, new questions arise; just how many clones of Freja are there? How long has she been stuck in an infinite cycle of survival? How much of her humanity will be sacrificed before escaping?”

Beacon will launch on Steam Early Access on February 27th for $19.99. Monothetic also released a roadmap which details their plans for Beacon once it enters Early Access on Steam. The developer plan to release content patches every three to five weeks for the game. These will both fix lingering issues with the early build as well as implement new features.

You can read over Monothetic’s roadmap document here. The team states that should they meet all of their deadlines, Beacon should be ready to roll out with a full release by summer or fall of this year. But for now, they’re just focused on bringing the title to Steam on February 27th.

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