Super Mario Maker 2 Begins Building in June

Many fans had been hoping over the last few years that the Nintendo Switch would be getting a port of the fantastic Super Mario Maker which found a home on the Nintendo Wii U. Alas, those hopes were dashed – yet we’re getting something even better. Nintendo announced that Super Mario Maker 2 is coming to Switch in just a few months.

A trailer started of the Nintendo Direct with the Super Mario Maker 2 reveal and brought with it a ton of new features that the sequel would be implementing. Right off the bat, a long-requested feature in the ability to utilize slopes was confirmed for the game. And then the other new elements came flying at us quickly and heavy.

There were some wind gusting enemies that send Mario floating into the air. The angry sun from Super Mario 3’s World 2 was confirmed. The Tanooki leaf is seen, so the suit is likely now usable. As is the Super Bell that we see utilized to transform Cat Mario so that he can scale vertical surfaces with ease.

You can design your very own Airship in Super Mario Maker 2. There’s also new, larger enemies and the ability to hide items inside trees that you can climb. The sheer number of new things that you can implement within the sequel is mind-boggling and gives me slight anxiety when I envision hitting that blank canvass for the first time.

At the end of the Super Mario Maker 2 trailer, we’re greeted to a logo screen that shows both Mario and Luigi in the yellow construction suits. I’m not sure if the duo of characters is there just to symbolize “2”. But I think it’s perhaps more likely that Super Mario Maker 2 will have a local, or perhaps online multiplayer component to let players interact with each other in real time on the construction page – or even tackle levels together.

We won’t have to wait much longer before getting all the details. Super Mario Maker 2 hits Switch in June. Check out what other new games are releasing in June on our mega 2019 video game release dates list.

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