Population Zero Alpha Event Goes Live

Those ready to explore and inhabit a fresh alien world, your time has come. After running a few pre-Alphas, Enplex Games has launched their first full Population Zero Alpha Event, introducing new, and returning players around the globe to the foreign Planet Kepler.

The newly launched Population Zero Alpha Event is available to those that purchased the game’s Commander and Sentinel backer levels. New content added since the pre-Alpha is pretty meaty. Enplex has integrated a mutation system which will transform players into Hosts, Xenobiotr or remain human. And there’s now something called a Baken which serves as a character resurrection point.

New planets have been added within the Population Zero Alpha Event. And you’ll also notice the inclusion of revamped textures which improve character models, buildings, fauna and more.

A fleshed out quest system has been added for a faction change. And the development team has modified the game’s technology tree and perk system for better balancing.

If the Population Zero Alpha Event would be your first foray into the survival title, spend a couple of minutes and checkout the trailer above. It begins as a post-tutorial of sorts upon your arrival on Planet Kepler and its first biome, the Savannah.

It showcases your ability to harvest and then craft materials, and then moves on to the main portion of the new trailer – building. If you’re unfamiliar with the game, you may notice that Population Zero’s building mechanics look petty similar to those within Fortnite. Which is great – it’s a simple, yet deep system. And it’s all broken down to you in the video above.

Overall, Population Zero continues to look like a fantastic blend of No Man’s Sky and Fortnite. And with the Population Zero Alpha Event just launching, there’s plenty of time for things to get better.

If you’re not a Commander or Sentinel backer of Population Zero, you still have a shot at joining the title’s first Alpha Event by signing up here.

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