New Rage 2 Trailer Shows Off All Your Awesome Arsenal

If you’ve been hoping to see more Rage 2, you’re in luck. Bethesda dropped a fresh Rage 2 trailer this morning, showcasing the game’s 80’s aesthetic while highlighting the upcoming title’s incredible arsenal.

The new Rage 2 trailer is entitled Wasteland Superhero. And just like the neon-soaked game itself, the trailer fashions itself as a late 80’s or early 90’s superhero show. But instead of taking down the bad guys in the most nonviolent ways possible, here we’re eviscerating them in the most brutal ways available.

The Authority, the bad guys we’ll be taking out in the Bethesda Softworks title, open up the new Rage 2 trailer by proclaiming their dominance over the world. The screen then pauses like an old VHS tape, with a voiceover stating “This looks like a job for the Wasteland Superhero!” And that’s our cue.

A Wasteland Superhero theme song then kicks in, jump starting the new Rage 2 trailer in earnest. The point of the new footage is to showcase our character’s plethora of artillery options. And it does so effectively. The options come and go so quickly it’s hard to keep track of them all. But they all look pretty damn dope.

There are drones that you can ride and dive bomb down from to eliminate those in your landing zone. There are some powerful melee options for close range combat too, or pull out your shotgun to deliver a devastating blast.

Those are tame compared to what else is at your disposal tough. There are gravity bombs of sorts, and the ability to use powers you have to explode barrels or enemies from afar. There’s a weapon dubbed the Grav-Dart Launcher which tosses enemies high into the sky. The Firestorm Revolver that lights aflame everyone it hits. The Hyper Cannon is a sniper rifle of sorts that explodes foes in one shot. And the Wingstick is a boomerang like projectile that can strike opponents from sharp angles.

A lot of the new Rage 2 trailer showcases the Wasteland Superhero using a combination of tricks to dispatch the bad guys in effective, yet fun ways. Your character wields a gravity bomb of some sort which pulls groups together and holds them in the air. And it’s a blast witnessing the various weapons above paired with it.

Rage 2 looks like it’s shaping up to be a bloody fun first-person shooter that doesn’t take itself too seriously – which is awesome. We’ll see how it all comes together when it drops for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on May 14th.

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