Hunt: Showdown Xbox Game Preview Set for Spring

We’ve been following Hunt: Showdown as it worked its way through Steam Early Access for a while now. It’s been live on the service for over a year, so the team as Crytek has now set their sights on loftier goals – chief amongst them another platform. The studio confirmed they’re getting closer and closer to make their ambitions a reality, and have announced a Hunt: Showdown Xbox Game Preview debut date for spring.

The point, of course, of the Hunt: Showdown Xbox Game Preview release is to get the title into the hands of as people possible on Microsoft’s console. This will no doubt bring in additional revenue to aid Crytek’s work, but it will also provide invaluable information to the development team working hard on another version of the game.

If you haven’t been following any of our coverage, Hunt: Showdown is described by Crytek as “a competitive first-person bounty hunting game that combines the thrill of first-person shooters and survival games and packs those elements into a match-based format.”

Each match consists of ten players with the format being either solo or doubles. Once the round begins, you’ll set out to slay the various monsters around you to earn bounties. However, the twist is that your opponents are somewhere around you out there doing the same. Proving that you’ll have to not just worry about the monsters your tracking, but the other hunters on the map as well.

As players who give the Hunt: Showdown Xbox Game Preview version a chance will see, death is permanent in the title. As you collect bounties within a round, you too will become a target. And once you’re eliminated, there’s no coming back. So you’re forced to search strategically.

Crytek hasn’t confirmed exactly when the Hunt: Showdown Xbox Game Preview edition of the title will launch. They’ve only cited a window of spring. We’ll likely be hearing more about the Xbox One version soon.

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