Stela Trailer Debuts a Limbo Like Cinematic Platformer

SkyBox Labs has been a behind the scenes asset for Microsoft and others for many years. They’ve helped to co-developed a series of big time titles, including Age of Empires games, EA Sports UFC, Minecraft and the upcoming Halo Infinite. Today though, they’re out promoting their very own title. Titled Stela, the project is described as a cinematic platformer set within the final days of a mysterious ancient world.

Based upon what we see in the Stela trailer, certain portions of the game certainly look to take inspiration from Playdead’s Limbo and Inside. SkyBox Labs states that within the game you’ll “Overcome daunting challenges, treacherous terrain, and gargantuan beasts while traversing a decaying land.”

You’ll also have to think during your platforming reprieves as you’ll be asked to “Manipulate the environment to solve elaborate puzzles and creep past dangers under cover of muted landscapes”.

SkyBox Labs teases an original soundtrack that you can hear bits of within the Stela trailer. A soundtrack that will immerse you in the game’s various locales which include “mysterious towns, haunting forests, and massive subterranean ruins”.

Shyang Kong, Co-Founder of SkyBox Labs, explained his team’s development mindset, stating “Our focus was to create beautiful 3D atmospheres with depth and scale while remaining as true to the cinematic platformer genre as possible.” And judging by what we see in Stela trailer, the developers are on the right track.

Outside of today’s Stela trailer, folks will get a shot to see the SkyBox Labs’ cinematic platformer up close at GDC 2019. The conference kicks off in one week on March 18th and runs through Friday, March 22nd.

As for a release date, SkyBox Labs is staying vague, only committing that the game is slated to arrive on Xbox One and PC at some point later this year. For now, you can also check out what sort of other upcoming indie games are on the way here.

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