CryoFall Release Date Set for Early April

Daedalic Entertainment announced today that they’ve partnered with the development team at AtomicTorch Studios and will publish the latter’s upcoming multiplayer survival RPG, CryoFall. And with that announced also came news of the CryoFall release date on Steam.

The CryoFall release date on Steam Early Access is now set for April 3rd. On that date, players will begin to experience the game which thrusts you into the role of a spaceship crash survivor as you attempt to ensure your survival on this new, foreign planet.

In the above trailer, you’ll likely notice that CryoFall takes a bit of inspiration from the farming sim, Stardew Valley. You’ll go out and scavenge for materials. You’ll farm to supply food with the game’s complex crop growth simulation and continually build up your property using technology that progresses through primitive, industrial, modern, post-modern and sci-fi eras.

You won’t have to go it alone though as a crash survival. In CryoFall, you’ll join servers that host upwards of 200 other players simultaneously. Allowing you to align yourself with fellow adventurers and aid each other in quests – or be a villain and steal and slaughter to your delight. Although that isn’t exactly encouraged.

CryoFall’s lead game designer, Valentin Gukov, explained that he and his team at AtomicTorch “wanted to create a game where you don’t just compete with other players over trivial matters like resources. With its deep features and focus on economy, agriculture, exploration, a compelling environment and more, CryoFall goes beyond that. It offers players lots of freedom on how they can interact with one another. At its core, this game is not about fighting, but creating a new world together!”

Players can get a preview ahead of the CryoFall release date of April 3rd if they plan on attending GDC or PAX East. Otherwise, we’ll see how it shakes out early next month on Steam Early Access. You can check out what other games are releasing in April here and stay up to date on new indie games here.

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