Battlefield 5: Firestorm Trailer Confirms Battle Royale Mode is Imminent

EA and Dice have finally confirmed that their battle royale is still incoming with a Battlefield 5: Firestorm trailer this morning. And the trailer does an excellent job of getting Battlefield fans excited for the series’ stamp on the battle royale genre.

The mode seems to be your typical battle royale fodder, but with the elements you’ve become accustomed to in Battlefield games. There seems to be a diverse collection of vehicles at your disposal. The conclusion of the Battlefield 5: Firestorm trailer even teases the existence of a tank hiding somewhere within a bunker on the battle royale’s map.

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Matches will incorporate up to 64 players, with EA Dice describing it as a “fight for survival across, air, land, and sea. And from what’s on display in today’s teaser, air, land, and sea look pretty damn good.

As you can see in the Battlefield 5: Firestorm trailer, the franchise’s biggest map to date, Halvoy, features a diverse collection of locales. The developers tease “snow-covered mountains to open waterfronts and everything in between.” But there are numerous other landmarks you can spot within the trailer, including the aforementioned bunker, a dam and more.

Matches will be playable in both solo and squad styles, with many of the mode’s vehicles being designed to carry your complete group. The firestorm itself was in the spotlight a bit. Confirming that a blazing ring of fire will be the danger that continues to corral players together into smaller and smaller areas as the fights continue on.

The Battlefield 5: Firestorm trailer confirms the free battle royale addition isn’t far off. It will debut for Battlefield 5 owners on March 25th. Now Dice just has to hope that EA and Respawn Entertainment didn’t sabotage their efforts by releasing the publisher’s other battle royale, Apex Legends, just a little over a month ago.

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