No Man’s Sky Beyond Announced as Major Upcoming Update

Hello Games has a done a fantastic job overcoming the troubled launch of No Man’s Sky. The studio is still churning out content for owners of the game, and has yet to ask for a dime outside of the title’s initial purchase. Today, they revealed that more is planned, with a “major update” coming this summer that will rebrand the game as No Man’s Sky Beyond.

The upcoming major update will be completely free for owners that play on the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. They state the update will introduce “a brand-new social and multiplayer experience” and promises “to bring players together like never before.”

The team didn’t go into specifics in regards to what is actually coming and how it will work. But they did note that “Beyond’s multiplayer experience will change the way players come together and offer radical new ways to explore the universe.”

In their announcement, Hello Games went on to confirm that the major update No Man’s Sky Beyond won’t be placed behind a subscription model and won’t feature microtransactions whatsoever.

The developers also tease that multiplayer isn’t the only addition coming within the No Man’s Sky Beyond update. Over the coming weeks, Hello Games will begin trickling out the details. Which includes “other exciting features” that are being added to the game.

The above trailer was released today too in an effort to hype up the forthcoming update. Much like Hello Games’ announcement, there’s little details to be mined within it. We just see an astronaut standing near a spaceship within a hanger before the camera speeds out to then reveal the No Man’s Sky Beyond logo.

We’ll see in due time what the No Man’s Sky Beyond update holds. Those that stuck around know the game has evolved into something special. And it sounds as if this summer things will only be getting better.

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