Observation Release Date Announced with New Trailer

While some games actively put you in the role of someone in space, the team at No Code is looking to do something different. Their upcoming game, Observation, places you into the title’s story not as a member of the space station’s team, but as the space station itself.

In a new trailer announcing the Observation release date, you follow Dr. Emma Fisher as she navigates the Low Orbit Space Station while attempting to piece together what’s derailing the team’s mission. The space station itself appears severely damaged, but more importantly than that, Fisher’s entire crew has vanished.

Your part in the game is to control the space station’s Systems Administration and Maintenance AI, nicknamed SAM. You’ll handle the station’s control systems, scan the facility with its numerous cameras, and aid Dr. Fisher as she investigates whatever it is that’s plaguing the mission.

In an October interview with IGN, No Code’s co-founder, Jon McKellen, explained that “a really simple way to break it down is that Observation is kind of 2001: A Space Odyssey – but you’re HAL.” He continued, “You’re not on a space station, you are the space station”.

No Code describes the game as a science fiction thriller. Though previews of the game have proven that there will be plenty of horror elements thrown in to keep tensions high. But McKellen notes that unlike HAL, SAM is intent on aiding the Low Orbit Space Station’s crew – not killing it.

However, there are indications that all is not well with SAM’s functionality. At times you’ll notice VHS-like interference on your screens, and randomly you’ll see a very creepy “BRING HER” message flicker quickly on your display.

You won’t have long to wait before the Observation release date arrives. Devolver Digital has slated the title for a debut on PlayStation 4 and PC via the Epic Games Store on May 21st. And for all things sci-fi, checkout our dedication section covering TV, movies, games and books in the genre right here.

Source IGN
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