Division 2 DLC Detailed, Tidal Basin Launches Tomorrow

After a fairly successful launch, Ubisoft is looking toward what’s next for The Division 2 fans. And today they’re breaking it all down for us, beginning with what’s coming our way tomorrow in the form of the first Division 2 DLC, Tidal Basin.

The Tidal Basin Division 2 DLC is the first of several free post-launch content headed our way. It’s one of a few DLC releases which will ultimately comprise the Invasion: the Battle for D.C. package.

Tomorrow’s update will bring a new stronghold guarded by the Black Tusk Faction. This is where the name Tidal Basin stems from, housing “some of the most powerful enemies in the game, and they’re not going down without a fight.”

Once players clear out the Tidal Basin stronghold, you’ll then be able to advance your character to World Tier 5 and earn the rights to gear between 450 and 500. Those that hit World Tier 5 will then gain access to harder activities in the form of Black Tusk invasions. Bringing additional loot and gear upon completion.

Later this month on April 25th, another Division 2 DLC update will introduce Operation Dark Hours. Considered “the toughest of all challenges”, it’s a 8 player raid hat Ubisoft promises “will test the teamwork of the most experienced agents”. There will also be a brand new Specialization in the form of a mini gun further down the line too.

Tomorrow’s Tidal Basin Division 2 DLC update will also add a couple of new weapons to the game. These exotic weapons are dubbed Pestilence and Nemesis. And there’s new gear sets too in True Patriot, Hardwired and Ongoing Directive.

Finally, Massive Entertainment has also added a PvP map entitled Fort McNair to the game. And there’s Invasion Apparel Event too which allows players to collect outfits inspired by the enemy factions themselves.

You can checkout everything that’s coming our way in the trailer above. If you like shooters but haven’t given The Division 2 a chance, you probably should. It’s pretty great.

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