Darksburg Gameplay Trailer Spotlights the Classes

We last saw Shiro Games’ Darksburg back in February when the team released the game’s first teaser trailer. Today, they’re offering something a bit more meaty. The studio has published the first Darksburg gameplay trailer, giving us a pretty good look at the title’s four classes in action.

The Darksburg gameplay trailer begins with a horde of zombies waiting for our heroes on the other side of a gated wall. The team busts open the door and ass kicking chaos ensues. The spotlight first lands on the duo character of Rose and Twig. “Another day with hell to pay,” they quip.

The duo is Darksburg’s range character, utilizing a crossbow to take down the undead from a distance. They also lay down a series of caltrops too, damaging whoever is foolish enough to run through the trap.

The focus then shifts the large werewolf character, Varag. “I am not a good boy” he cheesily growls. Varag looks to be the brawler of the group. He devastates the hordes of zombies that get close as he smashes them back with his large wooden shield and slashes and gnaws with his claws and fangs.

Runolf then enters the scene. He’s a cook that uses his massive ladle to attack enemies with a big of range. But his bulk presence ensure that there’s plenty of power behind his blows too.

Finally, Sister Abigail showcases her ability to wield both magic and weapon – both via her trusty cross. We see her shoot a beam of golden energy at a zombie horde at one point. And at another she’s bashing the dead back with the same cross much like a bow staff. She appears to be quite versatile.

There’s then a montage of all the characters working together – it is a cooperative brawler, after all. The Darksburg gameplay trailer then ends with a boss tease, showing off The Corrupted Baron, Manfred Von Darksburg, as he approaches the group with a roar.

Shiro Games still hasn’t provided a release date for the game yet, but they’re still promising it will hit Steam Early Access later this year. Until then, checkout all the other up to date PC gaming news here.

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