Overwatch Storm Rising Trailer Questions Loyalties

Blizzard teased us last week that a new co-op archives mission was heading our way. Today, we get to see what that entails as the studio has released an action packed Overwatch Storm Rising trailer.

The Overwatch Storm Rising trailer opens up with a look at the shores of Cuba getting pounded by the now Category 3 Hurricane Fernand. We then cut quickly to the inner city of Havana, where the skies are cloudy but it appears the rains haven’t arrived.

A cavalcade of vehicles are rolling through the streets. A robotic voice then begins to monologue as we see an army of soldiers being escorted through the city. The voice ominously states, “Everyone you know, everything you do, can be bought and sold. The price of loyalty is always changing.” The camera then enters one of the vehicles, and we see Maximilien playing with a coin.

The omnic is the focal point of the Storm Rising archive event. In an effort to lure Doomfist out, the Overwatch team of Tracer, Winston, Genji and Mercy have decided to target Maximilien to shake up his boss’s finances. But if Max’s words are anything to go by, it’s possible that one of our heroes may have ulterior motives.

It appears that will be easier said than done with the army of soldiers escorting robot. That doesn’t stop the Overwatch squad though, as the Overwatch Storm Rising trailer then kicks into high gear showing our quartet of heroes kicking ass through the streets of Havana.

Blizzard says that for your service, players will earn “pieces of the past with over 100 items from last year and many new ones—including highlight intros, emotes, sprays, and more.” The Storm Rising event kicks off tomorrow, April 16th, and runs through May 6th. Giving the game’s 40 million large player base plenty of time to get in on the action and take Maximilien down.

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