God’s Trigger Launch Trailer Introduces Us to the Four Horsemen

When we were first introduced to God’s Trigger earlier this month, Techland Games demonstrated the title’s savage ways with a Special Abilities trailer. Now, with the game releasing in a matter of days, Techland’s God’s Trigger launch trailer showcases the story we’ll go through in an attempt to stop the oncoming apocalypse.

The God’s Trigger launch trailer teases the arrival of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse which sets the game in motion. However, the narrator notes that “the gang needs to keep up with the times,” donning the crew with more modernized and stylish looks.

The quartet is comprised of Death, Famine, War and Pestilence. Each has a revised backstory now. “Pestilence used to spread diseases. Now as a movie star he spreads mindless entertainment.” As for War, she “ditched the rusty sword and heavily invested in the military-industrial complex.”

We’re told that “the yo-yo effect go the best of Famine, and now she feeds off and on her acolytes.” And finally, Death stayed a bit true to his former looks. He “did keep the beard, but swapped his white horse for mountains of deadly white powder.”

The God’s Trigger launch trailer then reveals that the narrator thus far has been one of the title’s heroes himself in Harry. “Me, I’m just an angel that will stop them dead,” he says. “I just never thought that it’d be them helping me out.”

With the introductions then behind us, the God’s Trigger launch trailer sees the action commence. The fallen angel Harry and his demon partner Judy lay waste to a series of enemies. All in stylish, yet brutal fashion. They use some of the abilities we saw in the Special Abilities trailer as well as some new moves we’ll try out for ourselves when the game launches later this week.

God’s Trigger is available digitally for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on April 18th.

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