Just Cause 4: Dare Devils of Destruction DLC Release Date, Trailer

If you’ve been looking for a reason to jump back into the world of Just Cause 4, Avalanche Studios and Square Enix have your back. The duo released details on their Just Cause 4: Dare Devils of Destruction DLC, including a trailer and release date for the new content.

In the Just Cause 4: Dare Devils of Destruction DLC, Square Enix teases that you’ll “experience new levels of destruction, attack missions in never before seen ways, employ new tactics against the forces of the Black Hand and cause pure mayhem in the world of Solis.”

The content is comprised of three core components, each vehicular based: Survival, Run and Rampage. In Survival, you’ll “speed through a gauntlet of landmines, wrecking balls and rings of fire in this ultimate drive for survival.” The goal is to make it through the obstacles and hit each checkpoint unscathed to earn the victory here.

With Run, players will “drive through extreme weather and master high-speed stunts.” You’ll have rivals on the course with you here, and you can use whatever weaponry you’d like atop your car to help decimate the competition. And finally, Rampage pits you in an arena setting against rival racers as you compete to destroy targets, and each other, in an effort to earn the highest score.

In total, the Just Cause 4: Dare Devils of Destruction DLC sports 16 new weaponized vehicles to try out across the content’s 15 new missions. Dare Devils of Destruction is the first of three DLC packs for the game which encompass the Dare Devils, Demons and Danger Expansion Pass.

Those that purchased the Gold Edition of Just Cause 4 will have access to the DLC early on April 23rd. For everyone else, the Dare Devils of Destruction content launches a week later for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on April 30th. For everything else headed our way this year, see our complete list of games coming in 2019.

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