Sea of Thieves: Shores of Gold Trailer Teases Unimaginable Wealth

Those that have stuck with Rare and Microsoft Game Studios’ Sea of Thieves over the last twelve months have been continually rewarded. The cooperative pirate adventure has steadily evolved into something bigger and better, yet more looms over the horizon. Today’s Sea of Thieves: Shores of Gold trailer shows us what’s headed our way next week as part of the game’s free anniversary update.

Microsoft and Rare’s Sea of Thieves: Shores of Gold trailer showcase portions of the nine Tall Tales that make up the Shores of Gold content. The free DLC promises “grand adventures, vast riches to plunder [and] ancient secrets to uncover”. You’ll take your pirate crew through these interconnected stories, experiencing the events of those that came before you on the Sea of Thieves.

As you progress through the nine Tall Tales, you’ll encounter and acquire ancient artifacts and enchanted items, each playing a part to progress you further through the overall Shores of Gold experience. You’ll have to keep an eye out for the various traps and new enemies determined to stop you though.

These new enemies aren’t to be ignored either. Throughout the Sea of Thieves: Shores of Gold trailer you see the introduction of the game’s Skeleton Lords. They’re described as “meaner than any of the bony marauders you’ve fought so far”, and you can only come across their paths within the events of the Shores of Gold DLC.

In order to launch into Shores of Gold missions, you’ll need to seek out the Mysterious Stranger located within any of Sea of Thieves’ various taverns. It’s said that this “patient and otherworldly individual, an emissary of the Pirate Lord, has a curious tale to tell.” And he’ll set you and your crew on the path toward the riches you seek.

Sea of Thieves originally launched on March 20th last year, so the game’s anniversary update is a little late to the party. But judging by the Sea of Thieves: Shores of Gold trailer there’s a lot here to get excited about. The free DLC hits the game on April 30th. And you can download the game for free as part of Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass program. You’ll also be able to combine both Xbox Game Pass with Xbox Live Gold later this year when Xbox Game Pass Ultimate launches.

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