Nintendo NX Release Targeted For July 2016?

**Updated 4/27/16: Nintendo NX release date officially announced as March 2017.**

We know the Nintendo Wii U is, unfortunately, on its last leg, and the big unveiling of the Nintendo NX is just around the corner. We made our own suggestions as to what Nintendo could do to have a successful 2015, and they did none of those things. Now, a rumor is suggesting that Nintendo is scheduling the Nintendo NX for a July 2016 release.

According to Digitimes, Nintendo has been visiting their supply chain partners and has ordered pilot production on the Nintendo NX from Foxconn Electronics, with the initial wave being manufactured no later than October.

What’s more, Mass production will apparently begin sometime in May or June 2016, with a possible launch in July 2016.

Of course, the internet has been in a frenzy since the original announcement that the Nintendo NX was on the way. Nintendo has refuted the rumor which said that it would be Android-based (thankfully). Now, it’s looking even more likely that the highly anticipated The Legend of Zelda Wii U will be a launch title for the Nintendo NX. It’s also looking like Project CARS could be a Nintendo NX launch title, too.

Nintendo has hardly said anything about the NX so far, unfortunately. But take this report with a grain of salt. Although a Nintendo NX release in July 2016 would make sense (Nintendo would announce it at E3 2016 and then say it’ll be available “next month”), it could all be just speculation by the suppliers.

According to the same outlet, Nintendo is expecting to ship 20 million units in the Nintendo NX’s first year of release. Given the fact that the Wii U has sold just 10 million in 3 years, it seems unlikely, unless Nintendo has some tricks up its sleeve and can actually get third party support this go around.

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