Warcraft Safe Haven Trailer Epically Reunites Saurfang and Thrall

We don’t get top notch cinematics breaking down the lore of Warcraft of Warcraft often, but when we do they’re typically special. The World of Warcraft Safe Haven trailer is just that, giving us a reunion between Varok Saurfang and his former Horde Warchief, Thrall.

The World of Warcraft Safe Haven trailer begins in a wheat field, where an orc hand appears and gently scatters seed. Enter Varok Saurfang, intrigued by the serene locale. The footage then cuts to another orc sharpening a scythe. It’s Thrall, and he looks up to see Saurfang approach.

Saurfang then comments on Thrall’s home, saying “This world, it looks good. But, it’s wrong. Broken, falling apart. Just like the Horde.” He then aggressively continues, “Do you know? Do you know what she’s done while you’ve been hiding?” Thrall looks down in apparent shame.

“I left that life behind,” Thralls retorts. “I’m no one’s savior. I will not lead the Horde.” Saurfang than tilts his head a states, “I didn’t ask. But I hoped you would at least fight for it.”

Thrall then turns and walks away in thought. But he isn’t given much time to deliberate before a couple of undead rogues begin an attack. The duo quickly dispatch of the threat, with Thrall then yelling to Varok Saurfang “You were followed!” Saurfang calmly responds, “I followed them.”

Thrall’s face then drops with realization that he hidden home is no longer safe to he and his family. Saurfang looks at him and says, “You and I, we don’t get to hide.”

With a sad realization, Thrall then turns and kicks over some equipment to reveal a hole beneath. From it, he pulls what looks to be an axe (perhaps Durotan Prime’s), seemingly ready to join the fight once again.

The World of Warcraft Safe Haven trailer looks to be confirming Thrall’s return for World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth. Many have hoped to see the former Warchief take on the current Horde Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner for a while now. Perhaps Blizzard is teasing that we’ll finally get to see such as battle soon.

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