Minecraft Earth Puts a Pokémon Go Spin on the Iconic Series

Niantic Labs’ Pokemon Go captured the world in 2016 and is still going strong nearly three years later. There have been quite a few imitators hoping to cash in on the craze. Most notable are Ghostbusters World and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, also developed by Niantic. But Microsoft has planted their flag in the genre with a big new reveal today. They’ve announce Minecraft Earth, an AR spinoff of one of the most successful franchises of all time.

Alongside the Minecraft Earth trailer, Microsoft offered a few details on the game on its new dedicated site. They describe the project as “an all-new augmented reality game you can play on your mobile devices that brings the Minecraft world into our universe! Through the lens of the game, you’ll be able to build creations with friends and place them in the real world at life-size.”

The description continues, teasing “You’ll discover exciting new mobs to use in your builds. And you may need to put your survival skills to the test as you explore a new side to your neighborhood and battle Minecraft mobs in real life!”

The trailer depicts a teenager exploring a new neighborhood she just moved into there. While riding her skateboard and simultaneously playing Minecraft Earth, she sees a world hidden within her screen that has been built by the community around here. There are elaborate creations, mobs to find, and even an Enderman waiting to cross the street.

Minecraft Earth will be free to play but will surely incorporate in-app purchases. Though the game’s FAQ explicitly states there will be no loot boxes within it. It’s being developed for both iOS and Android, and Mojang plans to launch the game across the globe.

If Minecraft Earth sounds right up your alley, Microsoft has opened up closed beta applications via their site here. By supplying you’re information, you’ll get updates on the game as well as a free Earth skin for Minecraft proper. Hopefully we’ll be hearing more on the project soon. The closed beta, expected to reach “hundreds of thousands of players”, is scheduled to launch this summer.

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