Lego Legacy Heroes Unboxed Announced for Mobile

If there’s one platform that the very numerous and very good Lego games haven’t focused on to date, it’s mobile. That’s set to change, as the renowned mobile developers at Gameloft have been working hard behind the scenes with the Lego Group on a new adventure – Lego Legacy Heroes Unboxed.

The developers describe the project as “the first ever team-battle RPG game in the Lego genre, giving fans the opportunity to collect and battle it out with the iconic characters.” The game is confirmed to be set in a whole new world and will focused on players collecting classic and modern Lego sets to build better teams.

They tease that Lego Legacy Heroes Unboxed “will feature iconic, fan favorite universes from yesterday and today, recreated with incredible detail to please players of all ages, from the passionate collectors to those who want to bring back childhood memories.”

The first teaser trailer for Lego Legacy Heroes Unboxed shows us just that. It features Captain Redbeard from 1989’s Set 6270. And if the team goes that obscure in the teaser, there’s sure to be plenty of other random inclusions to get excited about.

Gameloft states that they’ve been working closely with the Lego Group for years now and have made multiple visits to the Lego Vault in Billund, Denmark to record its vast archives. They taken in vintage instruction manuals and a plethora of tiny details to ensure they deliver a faithful and fun experience for Lego lovers both new and old.

Sean McEvoy, Vice President of Lego Games, teases that “Enabling our fans to play epic battles with minifigures from our history is a great play promise we are delighted to offer. Gameloft has done fabulous work, maintaining every character’s unique personality and reflecting all the fun, creativity and humor of the Lego brand in a mobile game.”

A firm release date hasn’t been set for Lego Legacy Heroes Unboxed, though the mobile game has been slated for a fall window. Until then, there’s always the Lego Marvel Collection to tide you over.

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