Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 X-Men Trailer is Dreamy

With Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order arriving in less than a couple months, there’s no better time than now to begin stacking hype for the heroes we’ll be wielding in July. And there’s a ton of hype to be seen in today’s Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 X-Men trailer.

We knew that Wolverine was in the game and the X-Mansion was setting based upon the game’s initial footage. But our new Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 X-Men trailer confirms much, much more.

The Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 X-Men trailer begins by confirming which characters are in possession of the various Infinity Stones at the beginning of the plot. Black Panther is first seen with the orange gem, suggesting it’s the Soul Stone.

This then helps to confirm the game is utilizing the more modern Marvel Legacy depictions of the artifacts and we can go from there. Green Goblin is seen with the green gem, likely the Time Stone. Ultron has the yellow Mind Stone. And it looks to be Dormammu wielding the red Reality Stone.

The stone snippets stop and we then see the X-Mansion being ripped in half. “A new era for mutant kind is about to dawn,” a villain states. It’s Magneto, showcasing his power now that he’s holding the purple Power Stone.

The trailer then cuts to gameplay as we see Wolverine, Iron Man, Captain Marvel and Gamora attempting to take Magneto down. There’s also footage here of various heroes around Xavier’s campus helping to take down Sentinels and random minions.

Juggerrnaut and Mystique are then confirmed to be aiding Magneto, as well as a giant Sentinel too. The fighting stops when Thanos’ The Black Order arrives on campus though. They demand Magneto “return the Infinity Stones to us at once, or suffer for all eternity.”

Magneto doesn’t flinch. “Perhaps an alliance is called for afterall” he states to the heroes around him. Hell fucking yeah. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order releases exclusively on the Nintendo Switch July 19th.

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