Destroy All Humans Leak Amongst Others in THQ Nordic E3 Lineup

With E3 2019 just a matter of days away at this point, the leaks continue to spill out. A new one has emerged just recently, hinting to what the black hole that is THQ Nordic is up to. The rumor suggests a Destroy All Humans leak, as well a the various other properties the publisher plans to put on display next month.

The Destroy All Humans leak hits all the appropriate notes to make it seem authentic. When THQ went under in late 2012, Nordic Games scooped up the property amongst others. The publisher eventually changed their name to THQ Nordic and have since gone out to acquire a ton of other stagnant IPs throughout the years. Since 2011, they’ve purchased close to 200 properties in total.

The publisher went on to port high resolution version of Destroy All Humans and Destroy All Humans 2 to the PlayStation 4, likely to test the waters. The original game was ported to the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility program last year as well.

The leak also indicates that a new Darksiders game may be revealed at E3. It’s listed as Darksiders: Genesis and could be a prequel for the series judging by the title. With Darksiders 3 just releasing last year, it’s like that different team other than Gunfire Games is helming this one. A proper Darksiders 4 is probably still coming from that team further than down the line.

Alongside the Darksiders: Genesis and Destroy All Humans leak were a few other unknown titles. Desperados is on the list, likely relating to the real-time tactics game Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive the publisher acquired in 2013. And there appears to be a new IP in Monkey King on the list too.

The leak references Biomutant which we’re already aware of and hopefully still releases this year. Monster Jam is on the list too. But we know that Monster Jam Steel Titans is set for release on June 25th so those are likely both one in the same.

All this information seems credible, but we won’t know anything for sure until the publisher confirms the titles themselves. We’ll find out soon enough. E3 begins Tuesday, June 11th.

Source Twitter
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