Top 6 PS2 Games

The PlayStation 2 console was the very first home console that had graphics that looked so real. Even though game visuals have improved over the last few years, at its prime, the PS2, as it were and launched in 2000, led the pack. The console was Sony’s second foray into consoles, and they seemed to have got it right at that time, giving that playing games on the console seemed so futuristic.

The game’s additional processing power was leveraged on by developers who went ahead to create games that were larger and more ambitious than past games over the lifespan of the PS2. Don’t get it twisted, this was not just a game console, it was everything. It was the gateway to the technologies that birthed the next-generation PlayStation consoles. Owning one made you feel like the leader of the pack, nothing mattered anymore. The games and gaming experience were top-notch, too.

These days you could download PS2 ROMs to play on your PC.

Here, we have six games that made gameplay on the PlayStation 2 a memorable experience for players.

1 Sly 2: Band of Thieves

Sly 2: Band of Thieves was a very excellent game when ranked amongst the cartoonish platformers like Sly Cooper, Ratchet and Clank, and Jak and Dexter. These games won the hearts of many players on the PS2 module. Sly Cooper was heavily reliant on stealth and was not known to go in guns blazing, unlike Ratchet and Jak which were kind of similar to each other.

There was also the additional opportunity to play as Bentley and Murray in addition to playing as Sly. Each of these characters had their own unique skills that altered the way one could approach each game level, which by the way were even much more open than what was obtainable in the original game. The game itself was also quite much more lighthearted than the average game of stealth as it was filled with charm, laughs and such outstanding stealth mechanics rivaling even more serious stealth games available at that time.

2 NBA Street Vol. 2

This game helped to revive the arcade basketball magic as seen in the NBA Jam game. However, it did a lot more than that by even going ahead to add streetball mechanics and dope tricks to ensure an increased number of wild stunts one could perform during gameplay on the court. This game was not just about sky-high slam dunks, it also had some fancy footwork and dribble as well as passing mechanics.

The game’s Be a Legend mode, enabled players to create a baller and work their way through a lengthy campaign where they were allowed to take their skills to various basketball courts across the globe.

3 Resident Evil 4

This critically acclaimed game can be said to have been one of the greatest ever action games of all time, available on the PlayStation 2 console. Its acclaim went as far as it being responsible for the blueprint for various horror series that followed thereafter. During gameplay, players played as Leon Kennedy, a police officer who has the onerous task of rescuing the President’s daughter from a cult group. The action-oriented gameplay was not too pleasing for a lot of longtime fans as they were also far fewer jump scares, although the game would easily stand out as the best third-person shooter game available from the era where PlayStation 2 consoles rocked.

It’s also on our list of the absolute scariest horror games of all-time.

4 Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

This top-notch game really came out of the left field, as most would say. The previous two versions of the game were quite well-received although no one expected this version to switch up the game. The Sands of Time easily became the best action-platform game available on the PlayStation 2 console when it was launched in 2003.

In addition, the Prince was able to wield his dagger in a nifty manner that would allow him to rewind time. This ability came in quite handy during tough jumps and when he was falling whilst in battle. During gameplay, you could even go freeze enemies in their place. The game also told a very fantastic story, featured highly innovative puzzle sequences and outstanding gameplay design.

5 Final Fantasy X

This was the first-ever Final Fantasy game for PlayStation 2 and it went as far as revising the rules for the entire role-playing classic franchise to much critical acclaim. The game went as far as replacing the active time battle system with a much more traditional turn-based system with the upgrade system also overhauled significantly using a skill tree.

During gameplay, players play as a Blitzball star named as Tidus who is watching his hometown being destroyed by an evil entity called Sin. Tidus also finds himself embarking on a journey in Spira to battle Sin along with Yuna, who is a summoner, and a lot of other party members. The game also featured a lot of great boss fights, with the story also well-written with outstanding cutscenes. The game has also been remastered for every PlayStation platform and it is still as good as it was initially.

6 Gran Turismo 4

This was and still remains the premier racing game for all Sony consoles from the inception of the original PlayStation. The Gran Turismo 4 game was easily one of the best games on the PlayStation 2 for obvious reasons. Apart from featuring a large array of tracks and cars alike, the game took it to new heights when it ensured the tiniest technical details even up to burning rubber tires were taken care of. The Gran Turismo 4 game was for any and everyone who felt they could be a true race car driver on the PlayStation 2 console.

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