Overwatch Ranked Mode Releasing in June

Overwatch ranked mode will be coming back next month. So if you were upset about its removal, just be a little patient! June is right around the corner.

The mode was first taken out of the recent Overwatch beta and sadly wasn’t able to added in before release day. According to game director Jeff Kaplan, “Competitive mode is the current focus of the Overwatch team, and it’s the most important thing for us to add to the game right now.”

While no exact time for the Overwatch ranked mode was confirmed, the update should be arriving “sometime towards the end of June.” Additionally, Blizzard will be increasing the length of the ranked season to more than one month. They are also re-evaluating how frequently the Sudden Death appears in matches.

For those who have been enjoying the animated shorts thus far, Kaplan has confirmed that we will definitely be getting more of these in the future. The ones that have released so far have been very entertaining to watch, so we are very excited to get more in-depth stories of all the Overwatch characters.

Are you excited for Overwatch ranked mode to make a comeback? Or have you been too distracted since its release to notice? We’ve certainly been busy on the battlefield!

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