Xbox One VR Game Possibly in Development

xbox one vrXbox One VR may actually be a thing if new rumors are to be believed. If that’s the case, the Playstation VR may actually have some competition when it releases.

According to a recent report from Ars Technica, there is at least one major developer that is currently making a virtual reality game for the Xbox One. Better yet, it is scheduled to release in 2017. Their source came directly from the developer in preparation for E3 2016. Those comments were then backed up by a PR representative.

This follows rumors of the Xbox One Scorpio that we mentioned earlier this week. It is said to be a much more powerful version of the console with capabilities of outputting in 4K. It also is supposedly able to run graphically intensive VR games.

Because the developer has not been revealed, this Xbox One VR game could very well be some nonsense meant to piggyback on the previous rumors. Still, they are supposedly a “well-known European studio” working on an “established, long-running franchise.” However, the game is not exclusive. It will also be released on the PC and PS4.

It seems like a lot more hardware than expected may be revealed at E3 this year. With both Microsoft and Sony supposedly working on new hardware, it could be another race to release this year. Will Playstation VR or Xbox One VR make it out on top?
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