Horror Game Agony Announced for PS4, Xbox One, & PC

Horror game agonyHorror game Agony has just been announced and we think this one looks pretty interesting. Have you ever wanted to control demons in the depths of Hell?

The game comes as newly formed Madmind Studio’s first entry. The horror game Agony is all about a tormented soul that wakes up in a demonic world without any idea of how they got there. As this character, you must find your way through the hellish landscape full of countless other lost souls. One of the main antagonists in the game is the Red Goddess. This demon is the key to getting back your memories.

In this first person survival horror game Agony, you can possess the lesser-minded demons. By controlling their actions, you can gain an advantage in the underworld.

The upcoming horror game Agony is scheduled to release at some point in 2017. The game will be multi-platform for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Below is the first trailer to be released for the game. We think this one looks pretty promising and we hope you agree. Hopefully we find out more at E3 2016, but even if we don’t, we expect much more news throughout the year.

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