New Skylanders Imaginators Brings More RPG Elements

new skylanders imaginatorsThe new Skylanders Imaginators game looks to expand on the series’ gameplay elements. Now with a loot-drop system, this feels more like Diablo for kids.

Based on Gamespot’s impressions, the new Skylanders Imaginators is shaping up to be the most “grown-up” entry thus far. One of the key new features comes in the way of toys called Creation Crystals. These allow you to create your very own Skylander within the game.

These are what the new Skylanders is all about. Kids and adults alike will be able to obsess over this incredible level of customization. Starting off with 10 different classes, you can then alter the character’s looks, sound, and behavior. On the appearance side of things, you can alter the many existing body parts or change the color of specific areas. You can even create your own catch phrase that your character will shout out.

It doesn’t stop there though. Enemies in the new Skylanders game will now drop various loot like an RPG. It won’t just be bland loot either, just like Diablo, the game will have common, rare, epic, and mythic loot that will drop.

This is an interesting addition to one of Activision’s biggest money-makers. Since we feel like parents should sit down and play with their children, we think this is a wonderful way for both to have fun with the title.

We hope to see more from Skylanders when we attend E3 2016 in a couple of weeks.

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