WATCH: Pokemon Sun and Moon Trailer Reveals More

This new Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer just landed and it looks like there will be some updated gameplay in the upcoming titles!

First off, the Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer reveals the names of the new legendaries. Solgaleo is the lion-looking legendary from Pokemon Sun. It is a Psychic and Steel type with a few cool moves. It’s Full Metal Body ability will prevent any of its stats from being lowered. For a more offensive move, Sunsteel Strike will demolish plenty of opponents.

Lunala is a bat-like legendary from Pokemon Moon. This Psychic and Ghost type has moves like Shadow Shield (where it takes less damage from Pokemon with full HP) and a crushing Moongaist Beam.

On the gameplay side of things, the Pokedex is getting an update. According to the Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer, your Pokedex has been possessed by Rotom, the Pokemon that can possess household appliances. This “next generation of Pokedexes” can talk to you.

Additionally, a new feature allows you scan QR codes to register unseen Pokemon. This will add a location marker in your Pokedex revealing where they can be caught.

There is a lot more to be revealed before the games release on Nintendo 3DS on November 18. Right now, we know little more than this Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer, but with Nintendo now showcasing new gameplay during their E3 2016 livestream, we can expect to know a lot more. Tune in to their stream at 9am PT on June 14 to see the footage yourself.

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