De-formers: Next Game from The Order 1886 Devs

de-formersDe-formers is the next game from Ready at Dawn, the developers behind The Order: 1886. Both these games couldn’t be any more different. And that’s okay.

The developers describe De-formers as a “third-person smash ’em arena combat game.” Up to eight players can control their “Form” as they fight each other with melee combat. The game is designed to allow players to show off their skills by rolling, smashing, throwing, and defending.

An interesting gameplay mechanic in De-formers is that you can consume objects to grow more powerful. These objects can even include your opponent’s remains.

This feature looks to be right at the cord of Ready at Dawn’s beliefs. “Games are better when bragging rights are part of the experience,” they said. By eating your enemies, you’re pretty much dumping salt right in the wound.

Additionally, De-formers can be played both locally and online. It’s sad that local multiplayer is so rare these days, so this feature makes us very happy.

This is the second game that has been announced under GameStop’s new publishing label. The first game is called Song of the Deep from Insomniac.

We are interested to see what else comes from this new publishing label. Both games that have been revealed thus far look to be smaller titles. In fact, we suspect that there is something much bigger going on at Ready at Dawn besides De-formers. Can we expect something revealed at E3 2016? There is less than two weeks until we find out.

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