Batman: The Telltale Series Release Window Set

Batman The Telltale SeriesThose looking forward to the next Batman game should ready their wallets, as Batman: The Telltale Series is set to debut later this summer, according to the studio.

Telltale Games’ very own Head of Creative Communications, Job Stauffer, tweeted that the first episode of the new Batman series will debut this summer, also noting that Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season 3 will premiere in the fall.

What’s more, Stauffer followed up the tweet with some juicy E3 2016 goodness, noting that “any media attending #E32016, if you haven’t secured an invitation to see us at Wayne Manor yet, you are running out of time.”

We don’t know much about the upcoming game just yet, only what we can gather from the first trailer and the news that it will use an updated version of Telltale’s engine.

Of course, this doesn’t give us any indication regarding just how big Telltale’s presence at this year’s show will be, but we’re fully expecting, at least, a new Batman trailer from Telltale. We’ll be on the show floor at E3, so stay tuned after the show for our thoughts.

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