Dead Rising 4 Leaked Before E3 2016

dead rising 3Dead Rising 4 appears to have leaked online just one week before E3 2016. If the image is real, we can expect to see more during Microsoft’s press event.

Dead Rising 4 has appeared through a set of images on ThisGenGaming. The images include a poster for the game and an in-game screen shot. Adding fuel to the fire is that Kotaku has reported that they have seen “another shot of the same poster from a different source.”

They continue by stating that the game is set in Willamette, Colorado. Fans of the series should recognize this as the location of the first game in the Dead Rising series. dead rising 3This reflects the leaked screenshot of Dead Rising 4. However, the only thing that makes us skeptical of this image is that it looks like a technical downgrade from Dead Rising 3. If this is real, we surely hope that the final game looks prettier than this.

Below the the aforementioned poster that seems more plausible. It’s nice to see that Frank West would be making a comeback since his absence in the previous title. dead rising 3We’ll have to wait just one more week to find out if Dead Rising 4 is real or not. With all the bad news surrounding Capcom lately, it would be nice to have something positive for a change.

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