Overwatch Competitive Play Details Released

overwatch competitive playOverwatch competitive play has been outlined by game director Jeff Kaplan. Now we can’t wait for the update to come out later this month.

In an interview with Eurogamer, it was confirmed that Overwatch competitive play will be coming out later this month. Sadly, we still do not have a concrete release date. At this point, we are a bit worried that Blizzard will release the news during E3 2016.

In Overwatch competitive play, players will change ranks depending on if they win or lose. What makes Overwatch’s mode slightly different is that it will be season based. This means that every few months, your rank will be reset. That means that even if you’re performing badly on season, you have the opportunity to redeem yourself a few months later. This ensures that you will always stay with players that are about your same level.

According to Kaplan, the Overwatch competitive play seasons will be “about three months and they will match the real-world seasons. They’ll probably actually last about two and a half months and then we’ll do like a week or two off.”

Additionally,  a “dynamic queue” system will allow you can queue will as many party members as you’d like. Are you excited for the upcoming Overwatch competitive play? We are pumped for the update later this month.

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