EA Appears to Have Netflix-Like Gaming Service Coming In June

netflix-like gamingA Netflix-like gaming service has been on gamers’ mind for a long time now. According to one theory, EA Access may becoming a more robust service with other publishers.

According to Tatiana Morris at Gamezone, the evidence for Netlfix-like gaming goes back as far as September 2015. A survey sent out by EA suggested a gaming service that would included big publishers like EA, Ubisoft, Bethesda, Activision, and Take-Two.

This service fluctuated from $4.99 to $14.99 a month and included a long list of potential titles offered. From these titles, there were both newer and older games alike.netflix-like gamingSupposedly, this is just the beginning. Earlier this week, EA began teasing us by saying that multiple developers have supposedly been requesting to be included on EA Access quite regularly.

Not only that, but the Xbox One only service will be free for 10 days beginning on June 12. If EA were truly going to announce a Netflix-like gaming platform, E3 2016 truly would be the place to do it. There is also no better way to get people to play/use your product than by making it free.

Morris continues by suggesting that the service could be tiered for different publishers. $4.99 could be the base service as we already know it. $8.99 could get you access to more games from multiple publishers, while $14.99 might gain you access to all the DLC as well.

Of course, this Netflix-like gaming service is purely fictional right now. If this theory does hold any water though, you can be sure we’ll be signing up.

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