BATMAN: The Telltale Series Screenshots Show Catwoman, Batmobile

It looks like we’ll be seeing Bruce Wayne’s return to the video game world a little sooner than expected, as Telltale Games has announced that Batman: The Telltale Series release date has been set for later this summer.

Although Telltale did not reveal an official street date, they did bless us with some juicy screenshots for the upcoming Batman game (which you can see below).

As you can see by the Batman The Telltale Series screenshots in the gallery above, Telltale has given us our first look at Catwoman and the Batmobile, as well as what Bruce Wayne looks like without the Batsuit. As Telltale puts it, the game is “rendered to look like a living, breathing comic book.” Mission accomplished, as the screenshots look absolutely fantastic.

The episodic game will premiere on consoles, PC and mobile devices digitally, and it will be on the E3 show floor this coming week. Telltale will also package a retail release of the game as a special “Season Pass Disc” with all of the content included.

The developer also noted that the game’s characters will be voiced by some of the veterans of game voice acting, including Troy Baker as Bruce Wayne, Travis Willingham as Harvey Dent, Erin Yvette (Vicki Vale), Enn Reitel (Alfred), Murphy Guyer (James Gordon), Richard McGonagle (Carmine Falcone), and Laura Bailey as Selina Kyle.

Hopefully, we’ll see some Batman gameplay at some point this week. We’ll keep you posted here at Nerd Much, so stay tuned to our Twitter feed for the latest.
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