Our First Ever E3 Impressions

One of the biggest dreams of any games journalist is to one day make it to the big show, E3. Every year, gaming journalists, game developers, publishers, and anyone else semi-working in the biz make their way to Los Angeles to learn about (or show off) the newest games and hardware.

This year, for the first time ever, Garrett and Alex (two of our writers here at Nerd Much) used their credentials to get themselves a press pass to E3 2016, and they not only took some time to explore the show floor, but they were also at a few of the press conferences.

So, what is E3 like for someone who has never been to E3? What makes E3 special? In this week’s The Fish Tank, Garrett delves into his first ever E3 experience, and things to take away from his trip to L.A. So if you’re at all interested in what E3 is like to a newbie, check out the video above.

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